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Here you will find the latest information about my current service offerings related to my areas of expertise. I would also like to share my thoughts on my work and career, which I am often asked about. I hope this will be helpful to you when considering a job offer.

All my services are available in both Japanese and English. My team can also work in a variety of other languages on request. Please contact me directly if you have any specific language requirements.

Akie Mimori, Trainer, Marketer, and Entrepreneur

Founder of GREEN Co., Ltd. (Cultural & Diversity training provider)
Co-Founder of TOBIRA NIPPON (Japanese Business Culture training provider)
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Core Services

Development and Facilitation of Corporate Training, Public Speech, and Action Learning Design and Facilitation in the following areas:
Diversity & Inclusion, Global Mindset, Cross-Cultural Business Skills, Global Communication, Leadership, Team Building, Innovation, Value Creation, Japanese Culture, Business Psychology

1.Development and Facilitation of Corporate Training

1-1. Group Training

Development and facilitation of group training to meet a wide range of needs, with courses ranging from a minimum of 2 hours. Choose from customised programs designed specifically to meet your business needs, or from our ready-to-implement on-demand courses. We also offer blended courses that combine a mixture of on-demand courses and customisable options.

- Customised Programs: Highly effective training programs tailored to your specific business needs. Lead time of at least 1 month required. Please download the brochure for more details.

- On-demand Courses: Ideal for those looking for effective training with shorter lead times and smaller budgets. Lead time of at least 1 week required. Please download the brochure for more details.
Our on-demand courses are currently available at the following websites.
Teachable (English):
Deliveru (Japanese):
Coeteco Collage (Japanese):

Download the comprehensive brochure (English and Japanese bilingual)

<Lumina Courses>
The Lumina Portrait is a series of personalized educational materials based on results from an online questionnaire designed to help participants understand the diversity of individuals.

Lumina Portrait Samples:
Communication Portrait: Suitable for all business professionals: See Sample Communication Portrait (PDF)
Leadership Portrait: Recommended for people in leadership positions: See Sample Leadership Portrait (PDF)
Sales Portrait: Recommended for sales professionals: See Sample Sales Portrait (PDF)
Team Mandala: Mapping the distribution of diversity within the team: See Sample Team Mandala (PDF)

Try our most popular courses with the Lumina Portrait:
a. Diversity Management and Leadership: Linking Diversity to Business Results in Theory and Practice
Learn how to develop the skills to link diversity with business results with this excellent introduction to diversity management. This training program is particularly recommended for people in leadership positions as well as for other professionals who want to learn more about diversity management, acquire skills to motivate diverse team members, and increase self-awareness in order to become a better leader.
Take a course at Deliveru now (Japanese) / Request for demonstration in English

b. Improving Sales Skills – Sales Cycle Theory and Individual Talents
Learn about the “Sales Cycle” model and the 24 sales skills before learning more about yourself and how to apply this knowledge to your sales activities. This training program helps you to recognize your own tendencies in the sales process so that you can build on your own strengths, whilst recognising your potential blind spots, and formulate a concrete action plan for future success.
Take a course at Deliveru now (Japanese) / Request for demonstration in English

c. How to Communicate with Diverse Work Partners: Self-awareness to Improve Communication Skills
Learn how to communicate with diverse team members more effectively with this program designed to help you to identify your own communication preferences and style. Born out of a desire to offer an alternative to out-of-date, stereotyping personality tests that limit personal growth, this training program uses humanistic and inclusive psychometrics to reveal the full depths of our dynamic personalities and how we interact within diverse teams.
Take a course at Deliveru now (Japanese) / Request for demonstration in English

1-2. Action learning

-What is Action Learning?
Action learning is an educational method designed to achieve human resource development goals in line with business strategies in a short period of time through a cycle of action and learning. The success or failure of this form of training depends greatly on the ability of the trainer, therefore the choice of trainer is key to the effectiveness of the training.

-Reasons for high evaluation:
My highly rated Action-Learning training programs are designed based on a deep understanding of my clients' business strategies and I aim to deliver tangible and quantifiable outputs in approximately six months. My entrepreneurial experience, including over 18 years as a professional instructor, and my background in business development and marketing at large international corporations have given me the tools I need to achieve and maintain a consistent 100% client repeat rate on Action Learning projects, some of which have been conducted more than 10 times in a row.

- Design and facilitation features:
I aim to realize new value creation based on diversity utilization and innovation strategies, and to develop human resources capable of proposing new value in an increasingly diverse and complex environment. I specialize in training programs for mid-career professionals and joint training programs for a variety of industries. I also excel as an instructor for global teams, as I am fluent in both English and Japanese and have experience training in both languages.

Download the comprehensive brochure (English and Japanese bilingual)

2. Services other than corporate training

I am available for writing (columns, essays, educational materials, etc.) and for speaking engagements and lectures at various events and schools. Please feel free to contact GREEN Co., Ltd., using the contact form if you would like to request these services.

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About Myself

Academic and professional background

Academic Background:
Bachelor of Arts(B.A.)from Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) School of Humanities and Social Sciences, English Studies (1994-1998)

Work History:
- 2006 - Present: Human Resource Development Specialist, Founder of GREEN Co., Ltd., Co-Founder of TOBIRA NIPPON
- 1998 - 2005: Marketing Specialist at the following companies: Unilever (Nov 2003 – Dec 2005), MARS (Apr 2003 – Oct 2003), BAT (Aug 2001 – Mar 2003), Unicharm (Apr 1998 – Jul 2001)

My Career Story:
There are many definitions of a career, but I consider a career to be the story of how you have viewed and utilized your specialty. Here is my career story in brief.

My love of books and languages led me to major in literature at university, and later, through my early work, I became convinced that my forte lay in my skill with words. I found it especially satisfying to express and communicate vague ideas and things that had not yet taken shape. Since then, I have been engaged in the work of business development using words for more than 25 years, changing the field from marketing to training as I went along.

During my time as a marketing specialist, I acquired the ability to verbalize and express concepts, putting them into the form of products and services for the world to see. At the same time, I learned about the whole business process, from creating concepts to managing them in the real world. Working for international companies also deepened my knowledge and experience of cultural diversity.

GREEN, a corporate training service provider that I launched in 2006, has been a pioneer in the field of global human resource development and diversity education. At a time when there were few precedents in this field, we created concepts, systematized the necessary elements, and offered training programs that deepened the knowledge and experience of our participants.

I am always looking for the next challenge, bringing together the three main competencies I have acquired over the past 25+ years of my career: business development, business management, and human resource development to expand my field of helping others. I intend to continue to expand the scope of my work beyond existing work practices.

Download the comprehensive brochure (English and Japanese bilingual)

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