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Here you will find the latest information about my current service offerings and columns related to my area of expertise. I would also like to share my thoughts on my work and career, which I am often asked about. I hope this will be helpful to you when considering a job offer.

All services are available in both Japanese and English. My team can work in a variety of languages, so please feel free to inquire about working in other languages as well.




Main Services

Development and Facilitation of Corporate Training, Public Speech, and Action Learning Design and Facilitation in the following areas:
Diversity & Inclusion, Global Mindset, Cross-cultural business skills, Global Communication, Leadership, Team Building, Innovation, Value Creation, Japanese Culture, Business Psychology


1.Development and Facilitation of Corporate Training

1-1. Group Training (half a day to two days)

Development and facilitation of group training from a minimum of 2 hours to 2 days. Choose from a completely original Tailor-made Program or a ready-to-implement Packaged Program (customization also available).

- Tailor-made Program (original training): Highly effective training programs tailored to your specific needs. Lead time of at least 1 month is required.

Click here for detailed information including examples and fee structure for Tailor-made Training (Original Training)

- Packaged Program (customization also available): Ideal for those looking for effective training with shorter lead times and smaller budgets. Lead time is at least 2 weeks. The following lineup is available. Please download the brochure for more details.

Click here for detailed information including implementation options and fee structure for Packaged Program

<Packaged Program Lineup>
a. Leadership Popular Course:
Diversity Management and Leadership: Theory and Practice for Linking Diversity to Business Results

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b. Sales Skills Popular Course:
Improving Sales Skills - Learning with Sales Cycle Theory and psychological tendency analysis

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c. Communication Popular Course:
How to communicate with diverse work partners - with psychological tendency analysis

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d. Diversity & Inclusion Popular Lecture:
The Latest Trends in Diversity and Inclusion Training

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e. Popular Lecture on How Japanese organizations work
Keys to Success in Japanese Culture
日本の組織の成り立ちと働き方を速習できる人気講座「Keys to Success in Japanese Culture(英語実施のみ)」

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1-2. Action learning (training linked to practical work for three to six months)

-What is Action Learning?
Action learning is an educational method to achieve human resource development goals in line with business strategies in a short period of time through a cycle of action and learning. The success or failure of the training depends greatly on the ability of the trainer, so the choice of trainer is key to the effectiveness of the training.

-Reasons for high evaluation:
Mimori designs and delivers training programs based on a deep understanding of her clients' business strategies. She aims to deliver tangible and quantifiable outputs of training results in approximately six months. She is able to achieve this because of her entrepreneurial experience, over 17 years as a professional instructor, and her background in business development and marketing at large international corporations. She has had a 100% repeat rate on Action Learning projects, some of which have been conducted more than 10 times in a row.

- Design and facilitation features:
She aims to realize new value creation based on diversity utilization and innovation strategies, and to develop human resources capable of proposing new value in an increasingly diverse and complex environment. She specializes in training programs for mid-career professionals and joint training programs for different industries. She is also a good fit as an instructor for global teams, as she is fluent in both English and Japanese.

2. Services other than corporate training

She is available for writing (columns, essays, educational materials, etc.) and for speaking engagements and lectures at various events and schools. Please feel free to contact GREEN Co., Ltd., using the contact form.

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About Myself – Career and Other Things –

1. The origin of my name

I was born in Koto-ku, Tokyo. The Chinese character for the name "Akie" means dawn of Tokyo. As the name implies, my desire to send out something hopeful from Tokyo to the world has led me to my current job.

2. My current work

In addition to managing the GREEN team, which provides training services globally, I also work as a trainer and provide training to people who are active on the front lines of business.

I am also a certified Lumina Learning practitioner. Lumina Learning provides educational materials that are based on online questionnaire and are exclusive to each individual. I currently offer courses using Lumina Learning materials in the areas of leadership development, diversity management, sales skills, and communication skills; as of October 2022, I have trained 2,632 individuals using Lumina Learning materials. If you are looking for a Lumina Practitioner in Japan, please contact us.



3. Academic and professional background

3-1. Academic Background(学歴)

Bachelor of Arts(B.A.)from Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) School of Humanities and Social Sciences, English Studies (1994-1998)

3-2. Work History(職歴)

- 2006~Present: Human Resource Development Specialist, Founder and Managing Director of GREEN Co., Ltd.
- 1998~2005: Marketing Specialist in the following companies: Unilever (Nov.2003 - Dec.2005), MARS (Apr.2003 – Oct.2003), BAT (Aug.2001 – Mar.2003), Unicharm (Apr.1998 – Jul.2001)

4. My Career Story

There are many definitions of a career, but I consider a career to be the story of how you have viewed and utilized your specialty. Here is my career story in brief.

My love of books and languages led me to major in literature in college, and later, through my early work, I became convinced that my forte was in putting things into words. I found it interesting to express and communicate about vague ideas and things that had not yet taken shape, and to do so in the business field. Since then, I have been engaged in the work of developing business using words for more than 25 years, changing the field as I went along.

During my time as a marketing specialist, I acquired the ability to verbalize concepts and express them in the process of putting them into the form of products and services for the world to see. At the same time, I learned about the whole business process, from creating concepts to managing them in the real world. Working for international companies has also deepened my knowledge and experience in cultural diversity.
When I started having my own team, I found that language is also key to developing members. However, people are unique and diverse. I learned that in order to draw out and develop people's abilities, it is more important to help them put it into words than to express it yourself. In my late 20s, I began to study "facilitation" (the skill of encouraging others to reach their goals effectively and efficiently) in Japan and abroad, and at the age of 30, I started my own business in the field of human resource development.

GREEN, a corporate training service provider that I launched in 2006, has been tackling themes with few precedents. At a time when there were few precedents for global human resource development and diversity education, we created concepts, systematized the necessary elements, and offered training programs that deepened knowledge and experience in a short period of time.

I believe in "Walk the Talk". If I am to convey the value of diversity in the world, I must continue to work with members of diverse backgrounds from all over the world. By bringing together everyone's diverse values, experiences, and ideas, we continue to provide unique, fun, and effective training programs. I will continue to focus on value-creating education based on the utilization of diversity.




私は”Walk the Talk”(言行一致)を信条としています。世界の多様性の価値を伝えるなら、私自身が世界各国の多様なバックグラウンドを持ったメンバーと共に働き続ける必要があります。皆の多様な価値観と経験と考えを集結させ、ユニークで楽しく、効果的な研修プログラム提供をし続けています。これからも、多様性活用を基軸とした価値創造教育に力を尽くしたいと考えています。

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